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Yield Enhancement

Yield Enhancement with Indices

Thursday, 16 March 2023 Reading time : 1 minute

Uncertainty - translated into volatility on the stock exchanges - pushes prices down. However, for yield enhancement products that have a short option component, increased volatility can also be beneficial, as the option premiums collected increase with volatility: Higher coupons and/or lower barriers result. For investors assuming a sideways movement or rising markets, or assuming a normalization of volatility, temporarily increased volatility allows for more attractive conditions.

Type Valor Underlyings Coupon p.a. Barrier Duration (m) Currency Subsciption until
BRC 125290718 NASDAQ 100®, SMI®, DAX® 6% 70% 12 USD 25.05.2023
CBRC 125290765 SMI®, EURO STOXX 50®, S&P 500® 5% 59% 18 CHF 30.05.2023

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