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ZKB Tracker-Zertifikat Dynamisch auf einen LGT USA Aktien Portfolio

ISIN: CH0107164961 Security: 10716496 Symbol: LGTUSI Life cycle

Bid Price 191'740.00

Ask Price 192'510.00

Currency USD

Exchange ZKB

Volume n.a.

Volume n.a.

Date/time (realtime) 12.07.2017 09:22:11

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Underlying value

UnderlyingISINPriceInitial fixingCurr.WeightingNumber of shares
3M Co AUS88579Y1010156.4490.4672USD4.00%44.038081
Alphabet A -C-US02079K10791428.92403.3017USD4.00%9.87846
Apple AUS0378331005317.9459.2227USD4.00%67.271511
AT&T AUS00206R102330.8621.5065USD3.00%138.9346
Bank of America AUS060505104624.1211.5002USD4.00%346.429029
Barrick Gold ACA0679011084247.2617USD1.00%137.158355
Bristol Myers AUS110122108359.7229.938USD4.00%133.075157
Citigroup AUS172967424247.9130.7887USD4.00%129.39808
Exxon Mobil AUS30231G102245.4745.7931USD4.00%86.999925
Facebook Inc AUS30303M1027225.0960.3064USD2.00%33.031335
General Electric AUS36960410336.5716.3312USD4.00%243.950489
Gilead Sciences AUS375558103677.8337.4984USD3.00%79.683355
Home Depot AUS4370761029248.4869.4316USD3.00%43.035172
IBM AUS4592001014124.984.8715USD6.00%70.41232
JPMorgan Chase AUS46625H100597.3143.8182USD3.00%68.190829
Kroger AUS501044101332.6217.9719USD3.00%166.259579
Merck AUS58933Y105580.7230.6368USD4.00%130.039723
Microsoft AUS5949181045183.2532.1762USD6.00%185.727178
Monsanto AUS61166W1018n.a.53.4194USD3.00%55.934709
NextEra Energy AUS65339F1012255.5660.4127USD3.00%49.459786
Nike A -B-US654106103198.5826.2261USD4.00%151.909698
Pfizer IncUS717081103538.1916.635USD4.00%239.494772
Procter & Gamble AUS7427181091115.9242.8257USD3.00%69.771224
Schlumberger AAN806857108618.4743.1852USD3.00%69.190343
Visa A -A-US92826C8394195.2439.681USD2.00%50.200378
Walgreen AUS931427108442.9443.6916USD3.00%68.388415
Walt Disney AUS2546871060117.353.4042USD2.00%37.300414

Life cycle

Issue price100'000.00
Initial fixing date17.10.2011
Payment day19.10.2011
First trading day19.10.2011
Last trading dayn.a.
Final fixing dayn.a.
Redemption dateopen end
Redemption typeCash Settlement
Early redemption01.03.2017
Residual termopen end
Issue amount15'000'000.00

Price data

Price status n.a.
Exchange ZKB
Trade time 09:15 - 17:15 (CET)
Round lot 1
Daily high/low (Bid) 191'740.00 / 191'740.00
All-time high/low 192'272.50 / 300.00
Performance of product since issue 91.74%
Performance of underlying since issue n.a.

Product type

SSPA derivative category Participation
SSPA code Tracker certificate (1300)

Legal parties

Issuer Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zürich
Keep-Well Agreement
Issuer rating Standard & Poor's AAA, Moody's Aaa, Fitch AAA
Lead manager Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zürich
Payment, execution and calculation agent Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zürich

Tax aspects (Private investor tax domicile Switzerland)

Income taxNo
Withholding taxNo
Stamp duty payable in the secondary marketNo
Stamp duty payable upon delivery of the securitiesNo
SIX Telekurs EU tax classification code2 (out of scope)
Internal Rate of Returnn.a.
Cash value of fixed income investment upon issuen.a.
Cash value of fixed income investment upon redemptionn.a.

Sales restrictions

Guernsey, EEA, USA, US persons


Redemption daten.a.
Redemption amount
Redemption currencyn.a.
Physical delivery-

Early redemption

Redemption date01.03.2017
Redemption amount0.00

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