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ZKB Tracker Certificate

ISIN: CH1139742923 Security: 113974292 Symbol: FLUGHZ Life cycle
Secondary market

Bid Price 93.303

Ask Price 94.147

Currency CHF

Exchange ZKB

Volume n.a.

Volume n.a.

Date/time (realtime) 22.09.2023 05:14:17

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Underlying value

UnderlyingISINPriceInitial fixingCurr.WeightingNumber of shares
ABB NCH001222171632.2630.4304CHF5.25%0.160649
ACCN INDUPARCH116936091923.6622.2122CHF0.64%0.026830
Allreal Hldg NCH0008837566147.8152.152CHF4.38%0.026805
Barry Callebaut NCH000900296214641'875.00CHF4.92%0.002443
Belimo Hldg NCH1101098163426.2448.00CHF5.04%0.010476
Bucher Industries NCH0002432174353.2412.6122CHF5.45%0.012299
Burkhalter Holding NCH021225580387.282.2822CHF7.02%0.079443
Cembra Money Bank NCH022517316762.772.1221CHF6.24%0.080564
dorma+kaba Holding NCH0011795959448.5388.00CHF4.19%0.010056
Flughafen Zürich NCH0319416936172.1167.167CHF5.08%0.028297
Givaudan NCH001064593229672'982.98CHF4.57%0.001427
Kardex AG NCH0100837282195.2170.17CHF3.87%0.021176
ORIOR AG NCH011167736273.277.5775CHF5.01%0.060135
Sika AGCH0418792922236.7257.4572CHF4.69%0.016963
Sonova Hldg NCH0012549785216.4244.8446CHF4.43%0.016848
Stadler RailCH000217818134.8634.4344CHF4.57%0.123580
Swiss Life NCH0014852781573.4544.544CHF5.02%0.008584
TECAN GROUP NCH0012100191309.6403.0026CHF5.36%0.012385
UBS Group AGCH024476758523.117.7978CHF5.03%0.263165
Vetropack Hldg ICH053023559441.342.5425CHF4.40%0.096306
VZ Holding NCH05287515869874.9749CHF4.84%0.060111

Life cycle

Issue price100.00
Initial fixing date14.02.2022
Payment day21.02.2022
First trading day21.02.2022
Last trading dayn.a.
Final fixing dayn.a.
Redemption dateopen end
Redemption typeCash Settlement
Early redemptionNo
Residual termopen end
Issue amount5'000'000.00

Price data

Price status n.a.
Exchange ZKB
Trade time 09:15 - 17:15 (CET)
Round lot 1
Performance of underlying since issue n.a.

Product type

SSPA derivative category Participation
SSPA code Tracker certificate (1300)

Legal parties

Issuer Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zürich
Keep-Well Agreement
Issuer rating Standard & Poor's AAA, Moody's Aaa, Fitch AAA
Lead manager Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zürich
Payment, execution and calculation agent Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zürich

Tax aspects (Private investor tax domicile Switzerland)

Income taxNo
Withholding taxNo
Stamp duty payable in the secondary marketNo
Stamp duty payable upon delivery of the securitiesNo
SIX Telekurs EU tax classification code (out of scope)
Internal Rate of Returnn.a.
Cash value of fixed income investment upon issuen.a.
Cash value of fixed income investment upon redemptionn.a.

Sales restrictions

USA, US persons, EEA, Guernsey, GB


Redemption daten.a.
Redemption amount
Redemption currencyn.a.
Physical delivery-

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