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Attractive risk/reward profile: Gas & Oil stocks

Thursday, 29 August 2019 Reading time : 2 minutes

 With the underlying securities of our current launch - ENI, Royal Dutch Shell and Total - investors can rely on well-known companies in the gas and oil industry.

The trio has a fundamentally attractive valuation situation measured by the known key valuation figures price/earnings ratio (P/E) and price/book ratio (P/B):

  • ENI:
    13.97 (P/E) und 0.95 (P/B)
  • Royal Dutch Shell:11.10 (P/E) und 1.16 (P/B)
  • Total:
    12.01 (P/E) und 1.11 (P/B)

With our ZKB Barrier Reverse Convertibles on ENI, Royal Dutch Shell and Total in subscription, investors in EUR and Quanto CHF can capitalise on the currently attractive volatility and at the same time benefit from a 69% barrier risk buffer, a guaranteed coupon of 8.00%* (EUR) and 7.75%* (Quanto CHF) over a 12-month term.

Termsheet EUR
Termsheet Quanto CHF


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