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Big business with dog, cat & Co

Tuesday, 13 August 2019 Reading time : 5 minutes

The pet increasingly enjoys the status of a full family member and is treated as such. For many pet owners it is a matter of course that the pet participates in the common meals or sleeps with the people in the same bed. Gifts are bought and birthdays are celebrated. The border between "species-appropriate attitude" and "foolish animal love" merges increasingly. Experts refer to this process as "humanization". Own needs are transferred to the animal.

While many markets are now considered saturated, the pet industry is becoming increasingly differentiated and specializing. In pet food, premium brands have established themselves that not only stand for high-quality food, but also for a modern lifestyle. If you like, you can go for a walk with your Burberry-coated animal in a partner look. The megatrend of individualisation has reached the pet industry with full strength. Each animal has its very own personality, which the owners want to express with the appropriate accessories. Initially kept as a purely farm animal that had to do something for its food (guard the yard, catch mice), dogs and cats increasingly fulfil emotional needs for their owners. This also emotionalizes and individualizes the markets around the animal (source: Zukunftsinstitut).

Where love is involved, people don’t care about money. It can be assumed that this development will continue in the future. So it may come as no surprise that the animal market has been developing positively for years, regardless of all economic crises. In Germany alone, the market volume for pet supplies amounts to 3.7 billion euros, putting it third behind Great Britain (4.3 billion euros) and France (4.0 billion euros) (source: Zentralverband Zoologischer Fachbetriebe Deutschland e.V.).

With the ZKB Tracker Certificate on a Pet Industry Basket, investors have the opportunity to participate in the global development of the pet industry in a geographically diversified way with 14 equally-weighted shares. The basket is made up of leading companies in the pet industry, which range from food production to animal accessories and veterinary medicine.

Key figures:
  • Issue price CHF 100 per certificate
  • Currency CHF (without FX-hedge)
  • 2 years maturity
  • In subscription until 08/022/2019
  • Termsheet

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