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LONG Mini-Future
on USD/CAD Wechselkurs

ISIN: CH0224421716 Security: 22442171 Symbol: IUSCA Life cycle
Secondary market

Bid Price n.a.

Ask Price n.a.

Currency n.a.

Exchange ZKB

Volume n.a.

Volume n.a.

Date/time (delayed) n.a. n.a.

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Price data

  Bid Ask
Price n.a. n.a.
Volume n.a. n.a.
Date/time n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.

Current data

Last price paid n.a.
Change n.a. [ n.a. ]
Last traded volume n.a. Unit
Cumulative volume n.a. Unit
Date/time n.a. n.a.

Life cycle

Settlement date06.12.2013
Last tradingn.a.
Final fixingn.a.
Currency redemptionCHF


Perf. since issue -82.45%
Year to date (YTD) -45.90%
1 month -42.11%
3 months -74.62%
1 year -85.59%
3 years -86.64%

Key figures on issue

Issue price0.94
Underlying price on issue1.06
Premium p.a.n.a.
Implied volatilityn.a.

Reference data

ISIN CH0224421716
Symbol IUSCA
Security 22442171
Exchange ZKB
Currency CHF
Expiry n.a.
Underlying USD/CAD Wechselkurs
Underlying ISIN XC000A0AEM51
Funding level n.a.
Stop-loss level n.a.
Distance to stop-loss level 0.17%
Long/Short type Long
Subscription ratio 0.10
Issuer Zürcher Kantonalbank
Exercise type n.a.
Minimum execution n.a.
Value day 29.11.2013

Key figures

Premium 0.00%
Premium p.a. n.a.
Leverage 53.95
Moneyness in-the-money
Leverage n.a.
Delta n.a.
Intrinsic value 0.017980
Break-even n.a.
SSPA value at risk 18.68%
SSPA risk rating

Product type

SSPA derivative category Leverage
SSPA code Mini future (2210)

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