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LONG Mini-Future
on EUR/GBP Wechselkurs

ISIN: CH0261681172 Security: 26168117 Symbol: IEGBK Life cycle
Secondary market

Bid Price 1.25

Ask Price 1.26

Currency CHF

Exchange SIX Structured Products

Volume 50'000.00

Volume 50'000.00

Date/time (delayed) 01.07.2022 05:15:05

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Price data

  Bid Ask
Price 1.25 1.26
Volume 50'000.00 50'000.00
Date/time 01.07.22 17:15 01.07.22 17:15

Current data

Last price paid 1.25
Change +3.31% [ +0.04 ]
Last traded volume n.a. Unit
Cumulative volume n.a. Unit
Date/time 01.07.2022 17:20

Life cycle

Settlement date07.04.2015
Last tradingn.a.
Final fixingn.a.
Currency redemptionCHF


Perf. since issue -37.25%
Year to date (YTD) n.a.
1 month +5.04%
3 months +11.61%
1 year n.a.
3 years -53.18%

Key figures on issue

Issue price2.00
Underlying price on issue0.73
Premium p.a.n.a.
Implied volatilityn.a.

Reference data

ISIN CH0261681172
Symbol IEGBK
Security 26168117
Exchange SIX Structured Products
Currency CHF
Expiry n.a.
Underlying EUR/GBP Wechselkurs
Underlying ISIN EU0009653088
Funding level 0.759150
Stop-loss level 0.766530
Distance to stop-loss level 11.54%
Long/Short type Long
Subscription ratio 0.10
Issuer Zürcher Kantonalbank
Exercise type n.a.
Minimum execution n.a.
Value day 31.03.2015

Key figures

Premium 0.35%
Premium p.a. n.a.
Leverage 7.98
Moneyness in-the-money
Leverage n.a.
Delta n.a.
Intrinsic value 0.105250
Break-even n.a.
SSPA value at risk 8.29%
SSPA risk rating

Product type

SSPA derivative category Leverage
SSPA code Mini future (2210)

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