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ZKB Tracker-Zertifikat Dynamisch auf einen Schweizer Financials ex Banks und ex Asset Managers Basket

ISIN: CH0107167717 Security: 10716771 Symbol: D1FINA Life cycle

Bid Price n.a.

Ask Price n.a.

Currency n.a.

Exchange SIX Structured Products

Volume n.a.

Volume n.a.

Date/time (delayed) n.a. n.a.

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Product Download

Security PDF for download Publikationsdatum
Termsheet 20.12.2017

Price data

  Bid Ask
Price n.a. n.a.
Volume n.a. n.a.
Change compared with previous day n.a. n.a.
Time n.a. n.a.
Date n.a. n.a.
Currency CHF
Nominal amount 100.00
Exchange SIX Structured Products
Life cycle redeemed

Other price data

Daily high/low n.a. / n.a.
All-time high/low n.a. / n.a.
Performance of structured product since issue 89.85%
Performance of underlying since issue n.a.
SSPA VaR 3.37%
SSPA risk rating
30-day volatility
100-day volatility

Key figures

Investment style dynamic
Participation 100.00%
TER p.a. n.a.
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