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ZKB Tracker Certificate
on a Pet Basket

ISIN: CH0429809442 Security: 42980944 Symbol: PETUSZ Life cycle
Secondary market

Bid Price 184.401

Ask Price 185.882

Currency USD

Exchange SIX Structured Products

Volume 1'500.00

Volume 1'500.00

Date/time (delayed) 23.04.2021 10:10:52

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Underlying value

UnderlyingISINPriceInitial fixingCurr.WeightingNumber of shares
Central Garden AUS153527106856.8926.5503USD10.00%0.374761
CHEWY INCUS16679L109879.628.9883USD5.00%0.171621
Colgate-Palmolive AUS194162103981.0567.5874USD10.00%0.147217
DECHRA PHARMAGB000963318039.4226.3322GBP10.00%0.294806
Elanco Animal HealthUS28414H103230.5627.2805USD10.00%0.364729
HESKA CORPUS42805E3062176.2796.5228USD5.00%0.051542
IDEXX LaboratoriesUS45168D1046546.26246.7925USD10.00%0.040317
JM Smucker AUS8326964058132.11102.473USD5.00%0.048549
Spectrum Brands HoldingsUS84790A105187.7652.3011USD5.00%0.095122
Zoetis N -A-US98978V1035169.07130.5864USD10.00%0.076195
Zooplus ADE0005111702262.489.3282EUR5.00%0.050511

Reference data

ISIN CH0429809442
Security 42980944
Currency USD
Currency hedging No / Composite
Nominal amount 100.00
Ratio 1:1
Minimum repayment n.a.
Maximum repayment n.a.

Life cycle

Issue price100.00
Initial fixing date28.02.2020
Payment day06.03.2020
First trading day06.03.2020
Last trading day28.02.2022
Final fixing day28.02.2022
Redemption date07.03.2022
Redemption typeCash Settlement
Early redemptionNo
Residual term310
Issue amount5'000'000.00

Price data

Price status clean
Exchange SIX Structured Products
Trade time 09:15 - 17:15 (CET)
Round lot 1
Daily high/low (Bid) 184.52 / 184.08
All-time high/low 152.57 / 79.67
Performance of product since issue 84.40%
Performance of underlying since issue n.a.

Product type

SSPA derivative category Participation
SSPA code Tracker certificate (1300)

Legal parties

Issuer Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zürich
Keep-Well Agreement
Issuer rating Standard & Poor's AAA, Moody's Aaa, Fitch AAA
Lead manager Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zürich
Payment, execution and calculation agent Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zürich

Tax aspects (Private investor tax domicile Switzerland)

Income taxNo
Withholding taxNo
Stamp duty payable in the secondary marketNo
Stamp duty payable upon delivery of the securitiesNo
SIX Telekurs EU tax classification code (out of scope)
Internal Rate of Returnn.a.
Cash value of fixed income investment upon issuen.a.
Cash value of fixed income investment upon redemptionn.a.

Sales restrictions

USA, US persons, EEA, Guernsey, GB


Redemption date07.03.2022
Redemption amount
Redemption currencyn.a.
Physical delivery-
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