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FAQ - financial information of Zürcher Kantonalbank

Which internet browser settings are required?

In order to use the financial information of Zürcher Kantonalbank without any restrictions, cookies and Java scripts have to be activated. As problems may occur with the browsers Internet Exöorer 9 and elder versions, Zürcher Kantonalbank recommends to use the latest browser versions.


Is it possible to use the financial information of Zürcher Kantonalbank with the Safari browser?

Yes, this application is compatible with the Safari browser.


What is the meaning of the selection "UK" with respect to the disclaimer?

This declaration helps to call up a page on which tax reports for the ZKB funds, suitable for the UK, can be retrieved. These tax reports exclusively serve UK authorities and resident clients.


How do I find a security?

A security can be found through the general security search (green box on the right) by entering the security number, the ISIN number or the icon Unambiguous entering and a click on a specific security in the dynamic choice box shown below directly lead to the data details. Pressing the enter key in the field security search opens an empty search mask in the enlarged search function.


There are various stock exchanges, which is the right one?

Most financial instruments are traded on various stock exchanges. We display the prices from various exchanges (stock exchanges), which also display - depending on the trading hours - different price information. We receive this information directly from the respective exchanges. The stock exchange of a desired transaction may differ from another stock exchange from which the price information is displayed. If you are unsure, we recommend that you consult the relevant factsheet or our hotline on 0844 835 952.  

Where do I find the paid prices and volumes per security?

The paid prices will be listed on the detailed pages of the various securities under the tab "paid prices". In each case, the latest 20 prices and volumes will be displayed. Historical data cannot be retrieved from this overview. In the view "Chart Details" historical data can be retrieved by indicating the period.

Why don't I see real time prices?

Real-time prices for Swiss stocks and the NYSE and Nasdaq exchanges are only available if the user is in possession of a valid subscription for financial information+.


Where and how do I find a Zürcher Kantonalbank fund?

You will find the ZKB funds under the navigation point "ZKB investment products, funds / ETFs". The requested fund has to be searched by means of the fund finder. The former inflexible overviews no longer exist. The filter provides numerous choice options. This mechanism applies to public and institutional funds.


Where do I find the virtual portfolio and the watch list?

You will find the virtual portfolio and the watch list under the navigation point "my area". To be able to use this area, the user has to be logged in. A registered user or a user of financial information+ is required.


How can I add a security to a virtual portfolio?

You can add a new security by means of the button "position" (on the detailed page portfolio). Alternatively, a new security can be added by means of the action button (blue button with arrow) from the overviews (add to the virtual portfolio).


How can I delete single positions within the virtual portfolio?

In order to delete single positions within the virtual portfolio, you have to change in the drop-down menu from "sum per security" to "each individual security". By clicking on the icon "waste basket" the chosen position can irrevocably be deleted.


Where do I find the various tools?

All available tools are listed under the navigation point "tools". Some tools can only be used when logged in. To guarantee an impeccable functioning of the tools, the program Java has to be activated in the internet browser.


How does the new download function for csv and pdf data files work?

A single data file or several data files can simultaneously be downloaded by means of the download function. In order to download several data files simultaneously, the appropriate line in the box has to be chosen. In case of csv data files, the chosen data will automatically be packed into a data file. In case of pdf data file, downloading will be effected by means of a zip data file.


Why don't I find individual securities by means of the security number?

A few foreign securities from certain stock exchanges cannot be found on the financial information of Zürcher Kantonalbank by means of a security number. These securities have to be searched by means of the ISISN number or the name due to the fact that contractual alignments have been effected and Zürcher Kantonalbank no longer holds the license for the display.


Why do I see in some indices no detailed positions?

Due to the fact that Zürcher Kantonalbank has not unlocked every index, no detailed data is available for these indices.


Why are the buying respectively selling buttons not visible when I am logged in?

If you don't see the buying respectively selling buttons, the option to hide these buttons has been activated under the user settings (above the logout button on the right side). The user can change these settings at any time.


Are my portfolios and watch lists in sync with those in the prime terminal?

Yes, they are always in sync.


How should I interpret the display "shares fallen respectively risen" in the virtual portfolio?

With respect to the closing price of the day, this graphical display shows those securities with price changes which are greater or less than 0.5%. A performance between -0.5 and +0.5% is interpreted as neutral.

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