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With the Finanzinfos+ subscription you benefit from the following services:
  • Broad ZKB Research data  

    ZKB research data are published with a time delay.

  • Real-time prices of Swiss stocks from CBOE
  • PrimeTerminal
  • ChartanalysePro: Intraday chart in real time
  • Real Time News
  • Portfolio and watchlist with real time rates and limit notified by SMS / email
  • Optional real-time prices for NYSE and AMEX / NASDAQ
Subscription Options
  • Subscription 6 months (CHF 110)
  • Subscription 12 months (CHF 180)
Additional stock exchanges
  • with NASDAQ (6 months + CHF 12 / 12 months + CHF 24 )  

    For existing / extended SIX Swiss Exchange / virt-x subscription you will also receive the rates of the NASDAQ stock exchange in real time. This option can only be selected along with a SIX Swiss Exchange / virt-x and subscription and runs out at the end of the SIX Swiss Exchange / virt-x subscriptions.

    The costs come up to CHF 2 per month.

    Calculation example:

    Remaining term existing SIX Swiss Exchange / virt-x Subscription: 2 months

    Extension of existing SIX Swiss Exchange / virt-x subscription for 6 months: CHF 110

    NASDAQ subscription for 8 months: CHF 16

    Total cost: CHF 126

  • with NYSE (6 months + CHF 12 / 12 months + CHF 24 )  

    In addition to the current, extended subscription for SIX Swiss Exchange /virt-x, you receive the prices of the NYSE in real time. This option can only be chosen in connexion with a subscription for the SIX Swiss Exchange/virt-x and expires together with the subscription for SIX Swiss Exchange/virt-x.

    The obtaining of real time prices of the New York Stock Exchange is liable to special regulations of the American Stock Exchange. For further details, please see the following information:

    The respective charges amount to CHF 2.-- per month.

    Example calculation:

    Remaining term of the current subscription for SIX Swiss Exchange/virt-x: 2 months

    Extension of the current subscription for SIX Swiss Exchange/virt-x for 12 months: CHF 180.--

    NYSE Subscription for 14 months: CHF 28.--

    Total charges: CHF 208.--

  1. For legal reasons the service package financial info + may not be offered to persons with residence in certain countries.

  2. Please select your place of residence from the list below:

  3. Please note that this service is offered in collaboration with FactSet. This means, among others that the service is maintained by FactSet / Frankfurt aM (D). The server on which remain stored your user data and your quote requests are processed, are operated in the data center of Equinix AG in Zurich on behalf of Zürcher Kantonalbank.

  4. Your data will be kept strictly confidential. Due to the encryption used, it is in principle no possible to view the confidential data. Nevertheless, it can not be guaranteed absolute safety, especially since the network is beyond the control of the bank and thus could remain a weak point of the system.

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